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Princess and Pretty Boy

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i miss you [Jun. 17th, 2006|09:11 pm]
Princess and Pretty Boy


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Pretty Boy,

Not one day in the past 6 years and 6 months have I ever regretted falling head over heels for you. We knew from the beginning that it wasn't going to be easy, 700 miles of distance never is. But we promised no matter what we would make it work. and we have.

You left me again on Thursday after holding on to me so tight I swore you would never let go again. I find myself searching for you at night and waking up in a panic when your not lying next to me. I'm doing my best not to cry and to remember that your with me always, on my right shoulder.  But when I close my eyes at night I see you, and you're so close I swear that if I reach out I could touch you. I just want one last kiss. 

I know I get to see you again in about 2 weeks, it's a beautiful but scary thing all at the same time. This could be the last time I see you for months, maybe even till Thanksgiving. It's hard for me to hold on to memories and the way it feels when you touch me. But some how I'm going to find the strength to make it. Please know always that I love you with everything I am and nothing on this earth is ever going to change that. I am looking forward to wedding bells and babies, you know that better then anyone. Be safe my darling, I'm waiting for you.

Your Wife