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Dreams Come True...

Our Fairy Tale Continues...

Princess and Pretty Boy
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Long ago when we first met, I didn't know what to do.
I had never even had anything so pure and true.
I loved you from the start, I gave you my heart.
But at that time, it was just right for us to part.
Our friendship grew with every passing day.
But no matter how hard I tired, I knew I was going astray.
You were the one who was there for me, the one who held me close.
It was after you saved my life, that I knew I loved you most.
I did my best to stray your friend but I admit at times I had my doubts.
But I still went on day by day.
Hopeing and praying you would someday be my spouse.
As time went on loving you knowing all you could be was my friend.
I stilled called you my Princess,
You called me your Prince.
And I knew I could never love another since.
Two years has gone by now,
We were closer then ever.
It was on this day I knew we would never be apart forever and ever.
More time has gone by now,
Two and a half years are over.
And by this time, I know you are so much more then just my lover.
You are my princess, my darling, my sweetheart forever more.
My baby, my lover and so much more.
I love you with all my heart, my mind, my body, my soul.
Without you in my life,
I know I could never be whole.
You make me the person I am.
You influence everything I do.
I wake up every morning, wishing I was next to you.
I love you more then words could describe.
More then anything in this world.
I would give my life to take away your pain.
I would die for you in a heart beat,
Knowing it is not in vain.
I'll be there for you to cry on my shoulder.
I'll be there holding your hand through years as we get older.
I love you so very much,
For you are the one I am fond.
I love you, Halie, my Princess.
Forever and ever beyond.

John and Halie aka The Princess and The Pretty Boy. We have been best firends since the first day we met back in 1999. We mean the world to each other and no one will ever take us away from each other. No one said that being 12 hours away from your true love was easy but we make it work. We plan to get married on 2007 and have a family with lots of kids.